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Quality is never an accident.

From making strategic decisions to developing exceptional hospitality solutions, we're here to help build an experience of a lifetime for the customers. Using my expertise and deep understanding of the industry, you’ll receive real solutions and experience true results. Get in touch to book a meeting.

Bonham, TX Holiday Inn-Express Grand Opening

Bonham, TX Holiday Inn-Express Grand Opening
Bonham, TX Holiday Inn-Express Grand Opening 1
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Bonham, TX Holiday Inn-Express Grand Opening 2
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Reddy Hotels and Management group has worked with several cities in and around DFW Metroplex to build hotels for the communities and cities. Our group started with a small boutique hotel 20 years ago in Plainview TX and has since built over 20 hotels both ranging from elite franchises to custom boutique hotels. We've pioneered the hospitality industries in several cities and built the first hotel for the city of Plainview, Childress, Willspoint, Chandler and Bonham. As we continue in our mission to bring top notch hospitality to the cities in Texas, we're currently building 4 new hotels in the Metroplex. In addition to ground up constructions, we own and manage the hotels to ensure our customers and communities experience the best of hospitality.

GK Reddy, President & CEO

"People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou


We work with clients, providing exceptional services that are catered specifically to their needs. Take a look below at the services w offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.


Hotel Room

Our brands of hotels are as diverse as we are. From everyday, essential travel to luxury escapes, from business travel to leisure, we have a hotel near you that'll make you feel welcome. For wherever you go. For however you stay. 
Experience top notch hospitality.


Image by Scott Blake

We have extensive experience in  conceiving, planning and developing projects related to hospitality, residential , commercial and high density mixed use development.  We've partnered with over 10 cities in the metroplex to deliver projects from conception, land acquisition, construction, development, and operationalization. Our mission is to explore opportunities and deliver exception value to our investors and to the community.


Front Desk at Clinic

Reddy Management Group(RMG) ia an award-winning hotel management and advisory services company . We offer owners the benefits of focused operating teams to maximize operational profits, reduce cost while keeping the customer service as our #1 focus. We hire local and diverse talent to help communities and cities along with our partners and investors. We offer complete hospitality management solution for full-service hotels and select-service hotels, including branded and unique, non-branded properties.



We pair our extensive real estate and functional expertise across sectors to help our clients and partners reimagine the way they acquire, develop and use real estate.  Our real estate services involve Strategy Development, Revenue Forecasting, Capital Allocation, Consumer Research and more..
We are your “behind the scenes” experts as we perform extensive research in order to help guide clients’ decision-making during every step of a project.




We've successfully built hotels and developments partnering with more than 10 cities and are committed to extend our relationship with the community across more cities.


Years In Business

We started our first hotel more than 20 years ago and have since built & managed several hotels and properties successfully to serve our cities, communities and our investors.


Rooms Rented Daily

Our team of experts in hospitality and management rents over 350 rooms on an average every night and there are some nights when we hit a 1000.


Customers  Served Annually

We take pride in serving over a quarter million customers every year making their stay a pleasant and memorable experience.


We have worked with many clients and partners on a variety of projects throughout our journey. In every project, we carefully guided our partners, investors and clients to overcome their challenges and build effective, long-lasting strategies. Check out some of our projects below to find out more.



Bonham, TX

Built the first hotel in the city of Bonham, TX in 2016 on the intersection of highway 121 and GK Reddy Ave to serve the community in the city of Bonham, TX


What's Being Said

As a professional consulting group, we know what it means to provide exceptional service and deliver outstanding results. See what our partners, clients and investors have to say about the work we've done.

As City Manager for the city , I have had the privilege to work closely with Mr. GK Reddy. Mr. Reddy has always been the type of go-getter this city has desperately needed when it comes to new
development. The Holiday Inn that was built a short time ago has filled a dire need our community has had when it
comes to lodging. We are equally excited for the upcoming Best Western that will be built adjacent to the Holiday inn. This new hotel fulfills the commitment Mr. Reddy made to our community when he first came to our beautiful community.
Not only do I consider Mr. Reddy a great businessman for our community, but he is also a dear friend that is very ethical when it comes to both business and personal affairs.

Sean Pete, City Manager

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